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The Authority on Bond and Loan Covenants

Covenant Review creatively analyzes the indentures,
credit agreements, and other contracts that determine creditor rights.

We give you:

- Detailed covenant analysis on 3,000+ bonds and 1,000+ issuers
- New issue and secondary market analysis
- Comparative analysis of covenants across the capital structure
- Timely research on exchange offers, LBOs, and other actionable events
- A successful seven year track record serving the buyside

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“ I’ve ended up using your service a lot more than I expected when we signed up, it was money well spent. ”
 – Portfolio Manager, Mutual Fund
“ [The analysis of] several different scenarios was timely and helpful. ”
 – Distressed debt analyst, hedge fund
“ You guys have a great service, I really appreciate everything that you do. ”
 – - Portfolio manager, insurance company
“ Thank you so much for [analyzing the situation] so quickly…this was exactly what we were looking for. ”
 – - Analyst, credit hedge fund
“ This is great stuff. I really appreciate it. ”
 – Analyst, long-only leveraged loan manager
“ Getting your service is the best thing we ever did in my opinion. ”
 – - Industry analyst, insurance company, grateful that he no longer has to figure out the covenants on his own
“ I find your research to be extremely helpful. ”
 – - Credit analyst, broker-dealer affiliated hedge fund
“ The law firm added your language. Thanks for your help. ”
 – - Portfolio manager, telling Covenant Review how the proposed covenant terms were changed following our research
“ Congratulations on your thought provoking analysis! ”
 – - Mutual fund analysis reacting to the Elan make-whole trade idea
“ This is very helpful and I appreciate it very much. Thanks again and keep well. ”
 – Portfolio manager, credit hedge fund, appreciating assistance on a distressed capital structure trade
“ Thanks for the input on that one. There was a lot of brain damage on that one but ended up working out. ”
 – - Credit hedge fund analyst thanking Covenant Review for help constructing an M&A covenant trade
“ Thanks very much for this. Very helpful to have a view from the experts. ”
 – - Sell side analyst, after Covenant Review politely corrected his misunderstanding of a Change of Control put
“ I just love you guys. You're so passionate about your work, you're so's the day before Thanksgiving and I have complicated questions, and I am getting answers right now. ”
 – - Analyst, credit fund
“ You have done a great job in my opinion framing the situation and getting investors to key in on the critical aspects. You are definitely more than a normal research firm. ”
 – Credit analyst, thanking us for helping to instigate bondholder litigation
“ I'm grateful that you took the time to help us with this last week so that we're not scrambling right now to figure it out. ”
 – Credit analyst, commenting on Covenant Review figuring out how a deal could be done ahead of its announcement.
“ The banker just confirmed management was wrong. Management’s interpretation of covenant flexibility was incorrect. ”
 – - Credit analyst, after the issuer and banker initially tried to debate a Covenant Review statement
“ Covenant Review is right. ”
 – Investment banker, admitting that the issuer gave a misleading answer on the deal call
“ They produce an outstanding product. ”
 – Law firm partner
“ Thanks again. Your input was spot on and definitely helped get this done. ”
 – Credit analyst commenting on new issue covenant terms that were changed based on a Covenant Review report
“ You're the only guys who know this stuff. ”
 – Analyst, credit hedge fund
“ I hope you don’t get upset about what the sellside guys say about you. You guys are one of our best assets on the buyside. ”
 – Hedge fund analyst commenting on our helping to get covenants changed on a recent new deal
“ You guys are such big geeks over there, you know this stuff inside and out….we consider ourselves geeks on the analysis we produce, but definitely not on this stuff, and that’s why we have you guys. ”
 – Credit analyst, high yield mutual fund
“ I know who you guys are. You’re the ones who make things difficult for me every time I am working as issuer’s counsel. ”
 – Law firm partner, meeting a Covenant Review analyst
“ This is extremely useful to us. ”
 – Analyst, credit hedge, using Covenant Review for new issue analysis
“ I've polled the analysts, and their reaction was: if there's any service we need, this has got to be it...keep making my job easier ”
 – Head of Research, separate account management company
“ Thanks, you guys are the best. ”
 – Credit analyst, insurance company, commenting on new issue coverage
“ We love what you guys write….we hang on your every word…we initially thought these bonds were too good to be true and wanted to know what the catch was, especially given that there’s heavy sponsor ownership there….because of the report you put out there, we’re kind of on the fence now. We really appreciate what you do. ”
 – Analyst, high yield mutual fund, commenting on a new issue report
“ I was blown away by some of the discussion points…Your firm's analysis is very impressive. ”
 – Analyst, credit fund
“ [You have] done a great job helping us understand [issuer]. We just found that the people on different desks and even other funds did not understand all the holes in the cap structure. [You] helped us work through that and I think we have a better understanding than most now. ”
 – Analyst, distressed fund
“ Very helpful. ”
 – Analyst, high yield asset manager, commenting on a new issue report
“ Thanks for the guidance. We got them to make the change. ”
 – Director of Research, high yield asset manager, commenting on his use of our new issue report
“ Thank you for all the hard work. I don’t know how we did it before you guys. ”
 – Analyst, high yield asset manager
“ You guys do an absolutely fantastic job. ”
 – Analyst, high yield asset manager
“ I think the work you do is incredibly specialized and important, and it's hard finding people who are good at it! ”
 – Credit Analyst, distressed strategy hedge fund
“ We read your stuff carefully. ”
 – Credit Analyst, high yield mutual fund
“ Please keep up the good work. Your run downs of new issues are very helpful. ”
 – Credit Analyst, high yield mutual fund
“ This is exactly the type of analysis [we are] interested in and seems more thorough and thoughtful than [other research]…. I mentioned that [provision] to the analyst and he shrugged. Now I realize that his shrug meant that he had no idea whether this was a problem rather than he was indifferent to this language in the covenant. ”
 – Portfolio Manager, insurance company
“ You have really been on top of these issues, you guys are doing a really excellent job. ”
 – Analyst, high yield mutual fund
“ All the answers are right there on your website. ”
 – Portfolio Manager, $10+ billion asset manager, commenting on questions about a credit after realizing we had written on it
“ It helps everyone who subscribes to have more investors reading your analysis as it gives all a basis on which to push back on many of the aggressive covenant packages being thrown our way. ”
 – Analyst, insurance company
“ A great service. ”
 – Portfolio Manager, top 10 high yield fund
“ How sweet it is! I salute you. ”
 – Industry observer, commenting on covenant changes
“ Covenant changes look good…price talk backed up a lot, too. ”
 – Portfolio manager, high yield mutual fund, commenting on Covenant Review’s impact on a new offering
“ Very timely and helpful. ”
 – Director, $10+ billion pension fund manager, commenting on LBO scenario analysis
“ The commentary [is] sufficiently detailed to be meaningful, but not overbearingly so. ”
 – General Counsel, $2+ billion credit fund manager, commenting on why his firm subscribed
“ I like it. It allows me to get a quick snapshot of the major differences between the various issues. ”
 – Managing Director, $5+ billion multi-strategy asset manager, commenting on cross-issue analysis
“ You provide a great service! ”
 – Associate General Counsel, $2+ billion hedge fund
“ Thanks – another job well done. ”
 – Research Analyst, mutual fund, commenting on analysis of new issue covenants and the resulting changes to those covenants
“ It was very helpful and did score some points. ”
 – Partner, $5+ billion hedge fund, commenting on his success in using our report to change covenants for a major sponsor offering
“ We noticed this deal has very shady covenants, and we're glad you put out the report. ”
 – Portfolio Manager, $5+ billion hedge fund, commenting on a sponsor offering
“ The response has been fantastic. ”
 – Head of Research, $5+ billion fixed income manager, commenting on his team's adoption of Covenant Review
“ We hate reading indentures - this is perfect. ”
 – Analyst, $1+ billion credit hedge fund
“ You guys have one of the best products we use here. ”
 – Analyst, $1 billion credit hedge fund
“ It's great to finally see someone taking covenants seriously! ”
 – High yield trader, $5+ billion high yield asset manager
“ We really rely on your service [and] think your product’s great…It’s in everyone’s interest to have you widely read. ”
 – In-house counsel, $5+ billion multi-strategy asset manager
“ An independent and authoritative source of textual exegesis for the bond buyer. ”
 – James Grant, Publisher, Grant’s Interest Rate Observer
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